Janelle Monae

13 Oct

I would put this picture under Inspiration, but I thought it would be better suited underneath the music category. I feel such a strong connection to Janelle. Her voice is so unique and not auto-tuned AT ALL. It’s almost rare to find a genuine singer these days. In this particular video she does her version of Charlie Chaplin’s song “Smile”. This happens to be on my top ten list of favorite songs. She does the song such justice. She keeps it classy, while adding her own spin. Also her performance has a lot to do with how she presents herself. Her style is impeccable. Her outfits always scream mens wear. We all know how I’m a sucker for mens wear. She pulls it off fantastically. Her presence is what sets her apart of the crowd. It’s hard to stick out from a crowd these days. I hope you enjoy this video, as much as I do.

ALSO. You should check her own song, Tightrope. I love how she is inspired by jazz and soul music. James Brown is one of her major influences, and you can definitely see that. Jazz is one of my favorite types of music to unwind too. I’m not that crazy about Big Boi’s verse. I feel like it takes away from the overall essence of the song. But beside’s that, it’s pretty great. Enjoy.

Notice her outfit…..LOVE IT.


2 Responses to “Janelle Monae”

  1. blakely valentina October 13, 2010 at 8:02 pm #

    she performed on dancing with the stars! i think two weeks ago? that was the first i’ve ever heard of her and i thought she was so awesome. she brings something in her performances that make her unique. love her!

    • weallaregolden October 13, 2010 at 9:03 pm #

      yeah! she’s so good! 🙂 I knew you would like her!

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