Where should YOU be shopping on Black Friday?

20 Nov

As I sit here listening to Pandora Radio play Christmas music, I just can’t help but feel SO excited for this holiday season. Like honestly, I’m so ready. It’s not even about getting presents that makes me feel so festive (ok, part of it is). It’s more about being able to spend time with family & friends around a fireplace, dressed in cozy sweaters, and drinking eggnog or hot cocoa. I”m a big holiday person. I just feel like it puts everyone in a wonderful, happy mood 🙂 Christmas seems to be starting earlier, and earlier each year. I feel like I contribute a lot to the reason why it’s starts earlier AND earlier each year. Is it awful that I started listening to Christmas music as soon as November 1st hit? I know, right? SHOOT ME.

Listen to me just rabbling on. Let’s get down to what this blog post is really about! BLACK FRIDAY. I look to it as a national holiday. It’s a day where you get some of your favorite things for a very, VERY good deal. If your willing to beast the crowd at 5 a.m., I promise it will be worth it in the end. The holiday season is when people spend the most money. Unfortunately, this year I have to work and I won’t be able to shop, but I’m glad I’m working so that I can make money to actually afford to give people gifts! I’ve done my research on Black Friday and here are some of the place that are having the BEST sales. Enjoy! I also will be posting another blog post, today 🙂 It’s just a little something that I’m sure your going to love!

The Sport’s Person:

Dick’s Sporting Goods: Doors open @ 5 am

Specials: fitness apparel, sporting goods, and plenty more!

The BIG Saver Person:

Wal-mart: They actually will being there sales starting at MIDNIGHT after Thanksgiving. Super early! Their doorbuster items will begin at 5 am.

Specials: computers, laptops, TV’s, blu-ray dvd players (my personal favorite) and much more!

Kmart: Doors open @ 5am

Specials: jewelry, plasma TV’s, toys and plenty more!

The Office Junkie Person:

Staples: Doors open @ 6am

Specials: laptops, office chairs, digital cameras, and more!

Office Max: Doors open @ 7am

Specials: printers, GPS systems, TV’s and more!

These are the stores that most people are likely to go to on Black Friday. I know usually the big mall department stores will open as early as 4 am just depending on the city your living in! A lot of clothing store will have different sales also! ONLINE is also a great of doing Black Friday so you don’t have to fight the crowds and the deals might even be better online! The sales online usually start as the same time as the sales in the store.

Check out these websites to be updated about Black Friday sales!




Happy Shopping!


One Response to “Where should YOU be shopping on Black Friday?”

  1. glitterandgrease123 November 20, 2010 at 8:37 pm #

    So how about my camera is marked down like CRAZY?! These websites helped so much, THANK YOU

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