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Where should YOU be shopping on Black Friday?

20 Nov

As I sit here listening to Pandora Radio play Christmas music, I just can’t help but feel SO excited for this holiday season. Like honestly, I’m so ready. It’s not even about getting presents that makes me feel so festive (ok, part of it is). It’s more about being able to spend time with family & friends around a fireplace, dressed in cozy sweaters, and drinking eggnog or hot cocoa. I”m a big holiday person. I just feel like it puts everyone in a wonderful, happy mood ūüôā Christmas seems to be starting earlier, and earlier each year. I feel like I contribute a lot to the reason why it’s starts¬†earlier¬†AND¬†earlier¬†each year. Is it awful that I started listening to Christmas music as soon as November 1st hit? I know, right? SHOOT ME.

Listen to me just rabbling on. Let’s get down to what this blog post is really about! BLACK FRIDAY. I look to it as a national holiday. It’s a day where you get some of your favorite things for a very, VERY good deal. If your willing to beast the crowd at 5 a.m., I promise it will be worth it in the end. The holiday season is when people spend the most money.¬†Unfortunately, this year I have to work and I won’t be able to shop, but I’m glad I’m working so that I can make money to actually afford to give people gifts! I’ve done my research on Black Friday and here are some of the place that are having the BEST sales. Enjoy! I also will be posting another blog post, today ūüôā It’s just a little something that I’m sure your going to love!

The Sport’s Person:

Dick’s Sporting Goods: Doors open @ 5 am

Specials: fitness apparel, sporting goods, and plenty more!

The BIG Saver Person:

Wal-mart: They actually will being there sales starting at MIDNIGHT after Thanksgiving. Super early! Their doorbuster items will begin at 5 am.

Specials: computers, laptops, TV’s, blu-ray dvd players (my personal favorite) and much more!

Kmart: Doors open @ 5am

Specials:¬†jewelry, plasma TV’s, toys and plenty more!

The Office Junkie Person:

Staples: Doors open @ 6am

Specials: laptops, office chairs, digital cameras, and more!

Office Max: Doors open @ 7am

Specials: printers, GPS systems, TV’s and more!

These are the stores that most people are likely to go to on Black Friday. I know usually the big mall department stores will open as early as 4 am just depending on the city your living in! A lot of clothing store will have different sales also! ONLINE is also a great of doing Black Friday so you don’t have to fight the crowds and the deals might even be better online! The sales online usually start as the same time as the sales in the store.

Check out these websites to be updated about Black Friday sales!

Happy Shopping!


Rachel Zoe. Stylist to the Stars.

25 Oct

Rachel. Zoe.

She serves as a stylist to the stars, while she herself is the ULTIMATE star. I considered her a modern day fashion icon. She has mastered the art of styling. She always has the most unique,¬†glamourous¬†clothes to style her¬†clients with…PLUS herself. She styled such stars as: Kate Hudson, Anne Hathaway, and Cameron Diaz. They ALWAYS look so fabulous and they always keep to their own¬†original¬†style. I would die to have a job like Rachel Zoe. She’s so passionate about what she does. If you watch her show The Rachel Zoe Project, you know just how dedicated she is to her job. I always look to her when I need inspirations for creating a new outfit. Hopefully she will give you inspiration as well.

























































































Hope you enjoyed this post!

Stay tuned for a new post soon. I have a feeling the next might be about one of my favorite artists.

Genius Collaborations.

12 Oct

I love when your favorite designers come together to design something that just makes you melt. It’s the designers you least expect to come together who create the most beautiful creations. These two collaborations I’m sharing with you are going to be a hit¬†among¬†everyone, everywhere. Enjoy.

Jimmy Choo + Ugg Australia = the most fashionable, comfy boots on the market.











They are only going to make about six different styles. And they are also limited on where they are sold. I think your best bet is to find them at these department stores: Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue. They are for sure going to be sold at these stores. They are a little bit on the expensive side ranging at about at $500. They will hit stores October 21st.








Mulberry + Target = the most inexpensive, fashionable purses on the market







Mulberry has been one of my favorite designers for a while now. Not only are their clothes to die for, but their purses have always been just plain AHmazing. I have always wanted a Mulberry bag. They are so lady-like and classic. It’s just not really in my budget. When I heard that Target was teaming up with Mulberry to design several purses exclusively for Target, I went nuts. I could now FINALLY afford one. The prices range from $30-$50. You can’t beat that. I plan on going to target this weekend to pick one up. I will surely take some pictures to let everyone see.

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More to come….stay tuned bloggers.

Favorite Fall Trends.

11 Oct

I’m SO glad that summer has now ended it’s long 4 month reign. Fall is my second favorite season (winter has my heart). I love getting cozy in a big sweater with cute boots. It’s my go- to outfit for the fall. Here are some of my favorite trends for this 2010 Fall season. I get my most of my fashion inspiration from the¬†magazines¬†I read. Magazines are a¬†absolute¬†MUST for me. Vogue, In-style, Nylon, Glamour, and Harper’s Bazaar are my fashion bibles. I guess you could say it’s kinda of an¬†obsession.


Mens Wear










Eccentric Tights












Nude Booties











Your go-to Boots












Something Leopard












Sheer Tops












Knee High Socks (These will look especially cute sticking out of your boots, it will add an extra flair)












Slouchy Sweaters












Skinny Corduroy Pants












Military/Utility Coat (Faux Fur)












The Perfect Fall Bag










That’s all I have for you guys right now ūüôā I know it was quite a bit, but believe or not I wanted to post even more! I’ll post a new blog tomorrow! I’m thinking this next one is going to be in the Inspiration category. I’ve been feeling pretty inspired lately. OH! and soon to come is a post of my favorite fall nail polishes.

There’s plenty more where this came from so stayed tuned….