Caution! Sharp Curves Ahead.

20 Oct

Christina. Hendricks. If you have not heard of her, I won’t count it as cheating if you go and google her super fast. She is one of America’s prettiest assets. Her beauty takes everyones breath away. She possess all the qualities that a women should have. Currently she is doing her thing on the T.V. show “Mad Men” (which by the way is an amazing show). This women has the most beautifully, sculpted curves I have ever seen in my life. She makes me jealous. I would do anything to have her body. I myself, am proud of my curves. Is it bad that I consider myself almost like the brunette version of Christina Hendricks? I can keep dreaming, right? I think that men, even sometimes if they won’t admit LOVE women with curves. I know men everywhere are swooning over Christina. I think it’s not just her curves that they are attracted to, it’s just her overall confidence. She always so confident in her skin. She doesn’t fight to prevent her curves, she loves and embraces them and this makes me super happy. Even though most people in today’s society look down upon curves, I think they are such a positive feature. I have seen a lot of articles call Christina “fat” and a “big girl”. PSH. Are you kidding me? These people must be blind. When I look at Christina I see nothing but lovely curves that go on for days! Fat is no where to be found on this girl. It makes me upset that today’s society thinks this way. Hollywood needs to step-up to the plate and start show-casing more beautiful, curvy women like Mrs. Hendricks. She has given me strength to accept my curves, even though people constantly criticize. It gives me hope that one day maybe I can follow her footsteps and enter Hollywood without judgement about my body. Even though some people call her out for her curves, I think that most people praise her for her curves. She always being referred to as “The sexiest Women in America” and I think she rises up to it 100%. She’s a wonderful role model to women everywhere. This woman shows us what REAL women look like. Not all women are skinny. Women come in all different sizes and shapes. I think that people tend to forget that sometimes. There a lot more categories than skinny. I accept all body-types. I think everyone is beautiful no matter what size they are. Body image is such a huge problem for women today, and society is to blame. There is time to change this whole “skinny as a rail” image thing Hollywood has going on right now. Hollywood needs to see how much America has accepted Christina Hendricks, and start using more women like her on T.V. and in movies.

So what the hell are you waiting for Hollywood?



















































































Christina Hendrick’s isn’t the only woman in Hollywood who embraces her curves. I would also like to thank these women for embracing their wonderful bodies.

– Penelope Cruz

– Beyonce

– America Ferrera

– Jennifer Lopez

– The Kardashians

– Jessica Simpson

– Kate Winslet

– Adele

– Scarlett Johansson

– Salma Hayek

– All the curvy models

I know I’m like forgetting a billion people right now. So if I forgot someone, please leave a comment!

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15 Oct

Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu never seizes to amaze me with his ability to create beautiful, moving films. “Babel” and “21 Grams” are just a few examples of his directing capabilities. I have yet to see this film, and I’m already falling head over heels in love with the trailer. His choice to use actor Javier Bardem in the leading male role will surely pay off. We all remember Javier from the Academy Award winning film, “No Country for Old Men”, where he chilling portrayed a senseless killing machine. This film also won him his first Academy Award (Best Actor).

The scenes that are shown throughout the trailer will give you visual insight into the film. The actors do not say anything at all. Everything that is said is done through a voice over. You have to listen closely to what he is saying. His words bring the trailer alive. Enjoy!


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Zach SEXY Galifianakis.

14 Oct

Whenever I need a little lift in life, or just a simple good laugh I ALWAYS turn to Zach Galifianakis. I’m sure everyone know’s Mr. Galifianakis as Alan off of the epic, classic movie “The Hangover”. His humor has a lot to do with how he looks. He’s got that big, beard with messy unkept hair (kinda of sexy, at least I think) with his amazing body, as seen in these pictures below. In Zach’s next movie (due out November 4th) he stars along side Robert Downey Jr. in Todd Phillip’s, “Due Date”. It’s looks very promising. I can’t wait to see it in theaters! I know Robert and Zach will not let us down. Anyways, that’s all I have for today! Enjoy the pictures below. I sure did.































Check out the trailer for Due Date. In theaters Novemeber 4th!


Alexa Chung

13 Oct

Alexa Chung.

Eccentric. Current. Innovative. Plain beautiful.





































































Alexa Chung is one of Britian’s top fashion icons today. Her style if effortless, yet so polished. I swear if she wore a potato sack she would STILL pull it off and I would STILL love it. She loves mixing and matching different styles that create exquisite outfits. She pulls off menswear so well. She makes huge, comfy sweater with jean shorts ultra chic. Her hair and make-up also contribute to her alluring presence. Her shaggy, short messy hair always completes her looks. Her bangs have inspired me more than once to cut mine. Her make-up usually always consist of a simple cat eye, and either a neutral or red lip. I like the fact that her make-up is played down. She let’s her clothes do all the talking. She has such a down to earth personality (from what I’ve seen on her short-lived TV show on MTV, which I was obsessed with) that makes people instantly fall in love with her.

Alexa Chung is currently posing it up on the 2010 November edition of British Elle. It is on stands now. You should deftinelty go pick up a copy. She looks gorgeous as always in her spread!

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Happy Days.

13 Oct

I teared up during this song. I don’t know exactly why. It stirred some happy emotion within me. I thought they did a beautiful job singing this duet. Glee is one of my favorite things I look forward to each week. I just had to share this video with you. I bought it already on Itunes. And yes…’s been on replay. Did I mention their outfits are just too fabulous!

Make sure you tune into Fox at 8 on Tuesdays! Two weeks from now they are during a Rocky Horror themed episode. It should be one for the books!

Janelle Monae

13 Oct

I would put this picture under Inspiration, but I thought it would be better suited underneath the music category. I feel such a strong connection to Janelle. Her voice is so unique and not auto-tuned AT ALL. It’s almost rare to find a genuine singer these days. In this particular video she does her version of Charlie Chaplin’s song “Smile”. This happens to be on my top ten list of favorite songs. She does the song such justice. She keeps it classy, while adding her own spin. Also her performance has a lot to do with how she presents herself. Her style is impeccable. Her outfits always scream mens wear. We all know how I’m a sucker for mens wear. She pulls it off fantastically. Her presence is what sets her apart of the crowd. It’s hard to stick out from a crowd these days. I hope you enjoy this video, as much as I do.

ALSO. You should check her own song, Tightrope. I love how she is inspired by jazz and soul music. James Brown is one of her major influences, and you can definitely see that. Jazz is one of my favorite types of music to unwind too. I’m not that crazy about Big Boi’s verse. I feel like it takes away from the overall essence of the song. But beside’s that, it’s pretty great. Enjoy.

Notice her outfit…..LOVE IT.

Genius Collaborations.

12 Oct

I love when your favorite designers come together to design something that just makes you melt. It’s the designers you least expect to come together who create the most beautiful creations. These two collaborations I’m sharing with you are going to be a hit among everyone, everywhere. Enjoy.

Jimmy Choo + Ugg Australia = the most fashionable, comfy boots on the market.











They are only going to make about six different styles. And they are also limited on where they are sold. I think your best bet is to find them at these department stores: Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue. They are for sure going to be sold at these stores. They are a little bit on the expensive side ranging at about at $500. They will hit stores October 21st.








Mulberry + Target = the most inexpensive, fashionable purses on the market







Mulberry has been one of my favorite designers for a while now. Not only are their clothes to die for, but their purses have always been just plain AHmazing. I have always wanted a Mulberry bag. They are so lady-like and classic. It’s just not really in my budget. When I heard that Target was teaming up with Mulberry to design several purses exclusively for Target, I went nuts. I could now FINALLY afford one. The prices range from $30-$50. You can’t beat that. I plan on going to target this weekend to pick one up. I will surely take some pictures to let everyone see.

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